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St John’s Children (SJC) is committed to improving the quality of life for orphaned children in impoverished countries by helping to provide for their physical, educational and medical needs while they are living in orphanages.

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Our program promotes 100% volunteerism. We pay no salaries and we keep our administration costs at 5%. This means at minimum, 95% of your donation goes directly to helping the orphans. Donations of $20.00 and over are eligible for a tax receipt.


Get Involved!

If you are considering helping we have plenty of opportunities where you can join in for a work bee to help with sorting, packing & readying boxes for shipping; shopping for essentials and gifts; coordinating and hosting a fundraising event; actively solicit funds on our behalf to support programming; organizing a drive to collect or fund a variety of required items.

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Zmiiv Directors Appeal

Located in the city of Zmiiv in the Kharkiv Oblast region of Ukraine

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Zaluchchia Directors Appeal

Located in the city of Zaluchchia-Dolishne, in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast region of Ukraine.

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St Johns Children is selling a collection of beautifully written and illustrated books for children about Saints as a fundraiser for our Orphanage Program. They are a perfect gift for the children in your life. The cost of each book is $20.00 CAD and this price includes shipping within Canada & United States. A discount is available for orders of five or more books. Please email if you would like to support our program by purchasing a bulk order of these treasured writings on the lives of our beloved Saints.

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Whats Happening...


Greetings in the Lord! Good day everyone, SJC is looking for three wardrobe boxes 24" X 21" X 48" to ship wheelchairs to Zaluchchia Orphanage. We recently purchased 6 used wheelchairs to ship and have since found boxes for 3 of them. We are still in need of three more heavy duty wardrobe boxes. If you have any kicking around from past moves and can offer them up, we'd be grateful. We need these shipped by the first week in November as we are on a tight timeline to have them arrive to the orphanage by Dec 31st to meet our grant project year end. PM me if you can help.. thanks! In His Love & Service, r+ ... See MoreSee Less

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Good day beloved supporters! Photos shared today are of the OTC medications for the children of Zmiiv for cold & flu season which will last them for approximately the next 3 months, now received at the orphanage. Thanks be to God for all of our donors and supporters who made contributions for these much needed items and our ambassador,Tetyana who sourced, purchased and delivered them to Zmiiv. In His Love & Service, SJC+ ... See MoreSee Less

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Greetings beloved supporters, friends and volunteers of SJC..... the remainder of school start-up boxes with donations and purchases have arrived to Zmiiv. As a result generous donations by you, our sponsors & supporters and our CIP Grant, this fall we were able to purchase new footwear for every child. It is entirely possible that this may be the first time ever these children have received their very own new shoes! Stay tuned to our page to see the footwear shipments arriving within the next few weeks .. and again, grateful thanks to each and every one of you for your ongoing support. May God bless and reward all abundantly! In His Love & Service, SJC+ ... See MoreSee Less

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Beloved! Shipments to Zmiiv for school startup have begun to arrive (2 each week for the next couple of weeks). Thank you to all who contributed, clothing food and personal hygiene items! In His Love & Service, SJC+ ... See MoreSee Less

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